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Friday, April 20, 2007

Parent tears

" My tears have been my food--day and night." Psalm 42:3

Feed us OH-God on the tears of our sorrows
They nourish the soul and heal the new wounds
Together and solo -for 30 or 3000
the cries of all parents from all round the world
who weep for a child who is hurting or lost now
come rising to Your ear from here on this earth
Is it hunger or thirsting or lost to some violence?
the parents would all give their lives now for their child.
Tears then are feeding both Mothers and Fathers
just wanting safety for the children they've birthed.

Feed us, dear Jesus, on the promise of New Life
Given for us and ours for the taking
Your Peace you have left us
yet peace we leave wanting
and waiting for hard times here on this earth
Let the food of your love-- whatever /wherever bread-broken
Fill us to full and give us new life.

Feed us, O Spirit, with breath that's renewing
Where ever we live -we are all one these days
We need to know joy and laugher and play time
from children whose hurts can be healed with a kiss.
When children are hurting the tears they do feed us
When nothing can satisfy any more than Your Love.

Feed us dear God, Creator, Redeemer, Spirit so Holy here in this time
We long for tears of new laughter you promised to give us
the joy we are still wanting- fed fresh from your Word
keep us from doubting Your place here among us
We are sisters and brothers in good times and hard times
related thorough You and Your love for all earth.


Feed us and satisfy us
then let us witness
to the food that will save us and
and bring back our heart

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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