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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Angel Wings Wed 2

I will be away from the computer tomorrow so I thought I'd write ahead...
Friday I was in the church praying and it was a dark and stormy day, (same day that created the flood of the previous post.
It was thundering, wind blowing and cooling. I thought the storm had calmed down and opened the door and the wind was blowing the wind sideways.
I walked back up to the communion table and noted something sparkly on the floor. It was tiny...angel's wing.
Just a tiny piece of angel's wing there on the floor. Even in the daytimedarkness it was there. It made me take a deep breath and sigh. A sign?
Oh I believe it was a sign and a reminder. Even when least expected, there comes the angel's wing reminding us we are not alone. We are not forgotten we are not in charge. Deep sigh again.
What do we do with the little reminders that we have of our not being in the midst of any joy or any trial alone? We should treasure them. Hold them. Remember them and pass on the news to others...
Angel's wing ...a little angel wing.. It even makes me smile to remember it now... hope it makes you smile as well.

(The angel wing glitter was a remnant of the gold fringe on the angel's wings during the Christimas program last December.)

God still abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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