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Friday, April 06, 2007

tulips in the snow

When we lived in Northern Utah it was not unusual to have a snow even when the tulips were blooming. Ours almost always were eaten by the deer down to the ground not long after they bloomed. They must be yummny.
I remember going out to take a picture of the tulips and finding them ...gone. Looking at the tracks around them in the snow and knowing what happened. I imagined the deer saying... Ah Food...colorful food... mmm red and yellow...mmm

The weather here is cooler than it has been and we are hoping it doesn't get cooler here like they have predicted. Our pear tree has bloomed and budded and I hope they are strong enough now to withstand a little cold. The wheat is up and in a vulnerable time according to some farmers I know.

I also imagine there are a lot of Easter Dresses that were meant for warmer weather than is predicted. I remember wearing T-strap sandles in the 50's and it snowed when we were in church and the snow covered them on the way to the car. My Daddy wouldn't let me take them off and walk barefoot in the snow to save the shoes.

We do what we can do. We wrap up when it's cold. And all in all we make it through even when there are tulips in the snow.

--God Abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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