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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In Texas it is Bluebonnet time. Those lovely lupines that are wild along the roadsides and across vast fields. The deep blue is wonderful. There are even some as far North as Duncan, OK where they grow in between the road from Duncan to Marlow. Each year re-seeding themselves and bringing more the next.
The Texas folks love their wild flowers so much, thanks in part to Lady Bird Johnson, that they are protected by law from being plucked up. When our children were little and we'd first moved to TX in '83 I took them out to have their picture taken in the bluebonnets. We found a great hillside and they were standing there. We had talked about not picking the flowers. As we were taking the picture a highway patrol office pulled up. He was asking if we were ok? I pointed to the kids and my camer and he smiled and nodded and moved on. I was glad to look up to see they had understood not to pick the flowers.
Our yard when we lived in Bryan Tx was covered two years in a row with pick flowers. It was so great. This year our yard in Oklahoma has quite a few Indian Paintbrush. I hope for even more to be there next year.
It is sometimes the very simple things that we miss that might bring us joy. A beautiful paint horse, the laughter of a child, a sunrise or sunset, or the memory of someone dear.
Be alert, (I've said this before), Be alert and enjoy..

Bobbie Giltz McGarey
I just remembered the lyrics to a Peter, Paul and Mary song..\If I had wings

If I had wings no one would ask me should I fly
The bird sings, and no one asks her why.
I can see in myself wings as I feel them
If you see something else, keep your thoughts to yourself,
I’ll fly free then.


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