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Monday, March 26, 2007

Buffalo people

There are three ranches not far from me that have buffalo. Yesterday driving to Grandfield, Oklahoma I saw about 20 grazing in one of the green fields. They are big, stately, and they almost appear wild. I don't know if in their 'memory' is the time when they ruled the range far and wide.

Is it in their 'bones' that they are creatures meant for more than fences?

I suppose that the question for all of us is to wonder what's in our bones? What's in the deepest part of us that we sense is to be fulfilled? And, have we done that? Are we doing that? and if not..why not...

What is on our hearts to do and be? How do we work to weave together all that we are into the tapestry of our time of life? Would we be as helpful in the world if we had been born 100 years sooner? Or are all of us born for such a time as this? Are we resent here and now where we are supposed to be?

What if we lived our lives each day seeking to fulfill the purpose God has set out for us? Here am I - send me-- use me--.
It may not change anything you do. It may change everything.

Some times I wander and wonder
What brings a day such as this?
Phone calls bring messages of hope
Phone calls bring tears and remorse
Letters fill us with the memory of friends
Letters haunt us like ghosts

What are we buffalo people?
forgetting where we should be now
letting the fences placed round us by other
that keep us from being here now.
Knowing that deep in our bones'
there is nothing that is holding us back
Wanting to be who we were created to be
let's start right now to do that.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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