Awakening a Keen Observer

Saturday, May 30, 2015


So John and I were talking today and he said my car needed a new tag. My reply was...not till June...
Monday is June...or June is Monday.  Wait...excuse me ...did we skip May?
  The folks in Texas and Oklahoma would probably say the wished they had skipped least that Flooding part of it...which still carries on.  The roller coaster at 6 flags in between FT.Worth and Dallas looks like a sea serpent as it comes out of the water only now and then.
     I'm getting there
     Most folks could probably describe the robin ...
     Many people trying to identify a bird start it smaller/bigger than a robin...
I happen to be quite fin of robins.  Probably because they were so common in Ohio where I grew up.  The cheerlip-cheerlope bright song some think is just not that interesting.   But the clear true sound is sweet to my ears.   There is one outside my Apt that has just finished her fledging her young. ( I caught them the other day with the Momma-bird feeding a good sized already flying young ).  She looked at me like What? 

     To me though it is the commonness of the Robin that makes it so very awesome.  Because they just go their way...bringing joy.  No big show... Just joy...early in the morning and late at
Listen you hear?   Sigh joy DONT miss another Month...slow down

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Uncertain in between


Although Easter was at a different time of year, this first week after Easter always reminds me of my father. It was at the end of this week that he died. He was young, 73 and I really thought I was going to have him be with my children far longer than he was. He did leave a lasting impression.
And you wonder sometimes if what you do makes any difference in the world. As I've been told, ministry, teaching, medicine, many of these kinds of jobs are those that have been described, 'they are like a tree which has been planted the shade of which you'll never get to enjoy. And that is true. We don't always or often do something that has an immediate result. Being with people makes you know that there are things you can do that make a difference. But most of the time we are not aware of those things. And that is ok.
Becauee all we do we do because we are doing this gift for God/Jesus so that God willknow our love for friends and famileis all across the area. It gives us an opportunity to say...just pass it on. that love from god.
Deep sigh.
Between this place in the next is like an uncertain imbetween. Only uncertain because we are limited by the love we put into everything we do.
Friend, enjoy God's love and pass it on.
Glory be toGod, alleluia! amen

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Holy Saturday

It's been a quiet introspective day..

I've often contemplated how the followers of Jesus felt this day.  It is empty Saturday.  It is not when the tomb was empty...but when we imagine the hearts of the disciples feeling empty, unknowing, fearful, questioning, trying to figure out what in the world they were to do now.  What do you remember he said... What do you remember he said we are to do...where are we to go...where will we be can we go on...
           Too many questions for one night... For all of us to answer every morning...

To be ready to say...this day belongs to God.  Here I am...Send me...use me

Gracious mercy get your in fullest measure.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


New Mexico
NewLife Presbyterian Church

If you live in New Mexico you are ever grateful for digital cameras.  Why?  Because there are so many awesome sights that come our way.  We have amazing sunrises in ABQ as the West Valley gets light before the sun rises over the Eastern Mountains.  The Sunsets are amazing too offering many
 OOOOOO-AHHH moments.  The fun part of the sunset is watching the seasons change as the sun sets in different places on the horizon during the varied times of the year.  

The above photo I took last year.  I loved the way the windows at church captured the reflection of
the of the sky to the south too.  

So, a digital camera that allows you to snap the images as they happen and then again if the first time wasn't the best is super.  

What do you reflect?  Looking at your life where are the OOOO-AHHH moments?  What times in your life did you stop and take a breath and enjoy that moment and be grateful?  What times did you find yourself shutting out the time because it was too painful or uncomfortable?  You don't have any of these times?  Good or Bad?  

Then I suggest you wake up to the day, to each and every day that you have, and say thank you for another day.  

And perhaps start that day with the intention of saying OOOOO-AHHH to something you see or experience or ….  

Write it down

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prayer sacrament

Mirriam webster


 noun \ˈsa-krə-mənt\
: an important Christian ceremony

Every action of ours should be a prayer..a sacrament in the world.." 
Martin Buber

I've been wrestling with this line all day.  
After reading about the family in OK being killed by their 19 year old son,  a family we knew well when we were in Duncan, I've been trying to raise a prayer or two.  Where is the prayer in this? 

What if this was the first thing we taught our children about choices that confront them daily...would this action be a prayer? a sacrament in the world...a link to the might that inform their choices?   

What if we did that too..let every action be a prayer. ..  If you think over the day you had yesterday...or the day that is just before might that sentence inform your choices?  What if 10 friends started their day with this image...and then those 10 with 10. ...on and on...

Life in all its forms would be Holy.  The skies would be clear without pollution.  Monies would be spent for the uplifting of all for shelter, food, and education ...

What if that were a part of the measure we held up to our day?  In what ways did my actions serve as prayer? 

Could you do that for One day?    Would you try to do that?  Not just floating through the day...but consciously taking one step after another...being a prayer...being a sacrament.

Let's try.. Starting tomorrow...o God hear our Prayer. 

God abide, please 
Bobbie Giltz McGarey 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

India ahead

As God would have it I get to go to India ...Again!  I am overcome with greatfulness.

My Cousin Gail, whose son married a beautiful,brilliant girl Rajitha was the first part of our going plan.   We will visit her family in Hyderabad. We met her mother at her son's wedding also a beautiful delightful woman.

Then 100 years ago my husband John's grandparents first went to India.  Dr John Taylor and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, both medical physicians, went as medical missionaries.  The first of their five children was only months old. They were warned the baby must not let the baby cry., as the U-boats and subs could detect them.   The Children's Home was begun when an infant girl, they adopted and named Dorcas, was left at their doorstep.  There is a big celebration planned.

We will visit the Keystone Foundation in Kotagiri.  One of Dorcas' sons Matthew is a director. They work with the people of the land to enhance, protect, preserve, and learn from the mountain area where they live and work.  Matthew, Anne and their children are wonderful people.

A friend will be staying in my house while I'm Gone.  Gail, John and I look forward to a full enriching time praying that we may be blessed and be a blessing.  

Prayers coveted for safe travel.

God abides
Bobbie G. McGarey

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have the worlds greatest brother in law,  (s). David is the one I'm thinking about now.  He is an ophthalmologist.  He did surgery to remove my cataract last fall and gave me an implanted lens that let's me see without my glasses at long distances,  
  I've worn trifocals for years before I got this and I love it.

But, I was thinking how glasses sort of show our life changes.  I have always hand an astigmatism.  So I've worn glasses since the mid 70's.  Add in a little presbyopia (elder eyes)  and you have
 bi-focals. The add in the fact I needed to see to read close. Needed to be able to read medium, sermon on a pulpit, and then see the congregation...trifocals. But the good news for me is that by the time I needed these they had lenses that blended one correction to the other without lines.

   Life.   Yes, I think this reminds me of life.  We start out seeing the works one way...time shifts us into anothe. Jew not giving up the first, and the. Adds another.
   We don't change the whole prescription.  We know that what came before is important.  We just need a new perspective added in.   Same in adding the third...
We have to find out where we are in relation to all the other parts of our experience.  And if we let them they season following another... Sunrise sunset.

And to all of it we say.  Well ok
god abide with you
Bobbie G McGarey @2014