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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Other Side/ Far Side

When my daughter and I watched the moon rise in India on Christmas 10 years ago we realized we had seen Christmas come about 12 hours before It would come to our home in the USA. We however celebrated in the same way...
We were on the other side. It seemed at one point so far away. But then we realized, as Esther had said to me, You just need a smaller globe.
And that is what we have these days...smaller world linked by email and cell phones...and hopefully making us closer to those people on the other side who like us look up to the stars and the same moom and are warmed by the same sun and whose feet are standing on the same globe as we do. We are all reminded to hold up our piece of the sky.

Tom Freedman has written a book called the World is Flat. His theory is that this comes mostly from the fact that we are connected by economies and concerns from everywhere. What happens to a child anywhere on the earth is something that happens to one of our own. We all are together in every way.

The connections on this flat earth are amazing and we should stand in awe of our ability to communicate with others wherever they are.

So, reach out to another and we'll all reach around the world with a pattern of love and hope and peace.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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