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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Part 2

In a book called Fables, by Lobel, there is one of my alltime favorite stories. It is about the elephant that wanted to do ballet. I can try and relate some of it... There was an elephant that wanted to be a ballerina. And so she got the shoes, and the tutu, and the whole outfit and began to take lessons. She practiced and practiced and it came time for the big performance. She danced. The friends she'd invited watched, almost embarrassed, as she was not very good, they thought. However, she was so happy with what happened on the stage she couldn't contain herself from joyful laughter after she was finished.
Her friends told her that she wasn't very good. Others told her to just give up she would never dance the ballet as it should be danced. She thought for a while. Then she danced, because the dancing brought her great satisfaction.

When we first arrived in Duncan I took an art class. We did basic drawings and used charcoal and pastelles. They were very forgiving tools with which to draw. So ihad a good time. One woman in the class with me would look at what I'd done, when we were copying something, a still life, and she'd say, "Do you like that?" She was looking at my drawing. I'd be smiling and say, "Yes!" I was happy to have the sense of freedom that I felt. Like the elephant that danced I was not that good by other standards but what I did brought me great satisfaction.

What is it that brings you satisfaction and peace? Do you have a way to pause in the day and breathe? I mean really breathe. A deep satisfying breath.
I've offered this before to you. Again...
Breathe in... Lord Jesus Christ
Breathe out... Have mercy on me.

May you find both satisfaction and peace. And may what you do make the world more beautiful!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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