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Monday, November 27, 2006


A Thanksgiving story was shared with me tonight about a son who surprised his Mom on Thanksgiving by coming home when he had said he was totally tied up with work. She was so happy. He arrived on friday but it didn't matter they had a wonderful weekend together.
We have certain expectations about this holiday time of year. And often because they are unreasonable expectations we become disappointed. It happens. We place so much 'stock' on our own desires, or on the days going exactly as we planned that one thing out of place knocks the whole time off kilter. We become disappointed when we place an unreality before enjoying what we have.
My family often gathered at Thanksgiving. We would have such fun and laugh and giggle that it was so refreshing. Even when my cousins and I were in college we had a great time together. We still do have fun.
Perhaps if we expect every day to be surprised by something wonderful we would enjoy the holidays more. We could be on the watch for that happening and when it comes we would rejoice in its beauty. We could remember those or write them down. Surely there are tasks to be completed. However, it would be a time when we would have such fun being alert. Perhaps too we might have even more than one surprise
each day.
Think about trying that...waking each morning and saying to ourselves. I wonder what is going to happen today!
God abide with you
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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