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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


...and lack of power.

We lived in a tiny house in northern Ohio one summer. It was surrounded by maple trees and so they called it, "The Maples". It was in a rural area not far from Lake Erie. It was a one lane farm road to get there.

It seemed like the perfect summer for me to learn to ride a two wheel bike. I'd had one for several months but always rode with the training wheels on. Those were the extra two wheels on either side of the rear wheel to steady you as you learned. My dad said come on out and let's try something new. I saw my bike without the wheels and asked my Daddy if he thought I was ready.

I know you are ready and I'll support you he promised. And he did--as I rode he ran behind me holding the seat and steadying me. It was great. We did this for a good long time. I tried not to go too fast so he didn't have to run so hard. We laughed as we went along.
After a good long while I asked him how I was doing and there was no answer. I asked him again and again without reply. I asked one more time before I looked over my shoulder to see him many yards behind. I had been riding on my own.
I didn't fall. I stopped and turned the bike. You left me! I was so surprised. Ride on back he said. I turned and hopped on and rode back to him. He had a bitter-sweet expression on his face along with a look of pride.
You can do it yourself he said You have the power.
The rest of the summer I rode all over including down the dirt road that went a mile or so back to the marsh. It was wonderful. I loved it. I remember him turning that power over to me. In fact at times when I've hesitated I can still hear him in my heart encouraging me.

We have power and ability we don't know we have unless we try. True enough as we start out we may need an experienced hand to balance us. But, alas, all too often we don't even try to use what we've been given. We live our lives with training wheels on---what a shame.

You can do whatever it is that you believe God is claiming for you to do. You can find ways to be strong when you were weak, to be peaceful when you were chaotic, to be truthful, to be most of all most loving.
You have the power. It is the power of the spirit of God that is in you to be about the work of the kingdom. You are ready. You can do this!

God abides in light and shadow
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

thanks Daddy again


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