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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks-giving Day

Thanksgiving Day. What's wrong with that? Well I started to think when I heard the third commentator start out is the day that Americans set aside to give thanks for all they have. It hit me then that somehow we are truly missing something if it is The ONE day, as one commentator said. Because truly folks, friends if you will, we should be giving thanks all the time. Seriously All the time.
We have to watch the news reports from Anywhere know that truly we should give thanks all the time.
Today I was in the grocery store with a cart full of food for the weekend. Probably more than we need, well surely more than we need, and a woman coming from the other direction, equally loaded down, frowning, looked at me and said something about me smiling, as if it were something wrong... I said, Well I'm just happy that I have all the money to pay for this food so that's why I'm smiling. I mean really. She was dressed like she could pay for her food and mine. I thought of all those who don't have food.
Then I began to take note of other carts. What did other people have in their carts? Especially, what did those people who only had a few things have in their carts? It is not the day that you would be just shopping for fun. An older couple, (that is older than me) had a few items. Perhaps they were going to someone's home for least I'd like to think so.
So then when I give thanks tomorrow and the next day and the next day it will be for all the things that have given me such peace and joy everyday. So maybe we should think of thanksgiving as a day to remember that we should be thankful all the time.
So whether you celebrate as we Americans do on this day or you are somewhere else I pray you have a multitude of reasons to be thankful.

God abides
--always good news!
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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