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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day

Yes, even here in Oklahoma. It's a snow day. Perhaps even more so here because we ar not accustomed to the snow. The cars are shrink-wrapped in ice. Its colder than usual. But I am not complaining. I still have a remnant of cold weather clothes from the last place we lived.
When I was little and lived in Ohio in the winter before big tests we'd all pray for a snow day. Never happened. When I would visit Martha and Janice and it was time to go home we would pray that it would snow and we couldn't leave. It often snowed but we traveled home anyway.
I think though of those who do not have a coat or sweater or a place to keep them warm. I realize that probably there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable because this is unexpected. This is perhaps even more real here where cold weather isn't the norm. In the North people know it's coming and are prepared.
I think too of the people who years ago lost everything in an earthquake in Pakistan and who are still living in tents when it is cold like this for months at a time.
Here I sit, warm, comfy and with 4 coats in the closet.
I am going to take some to the Good Will or the food closet for someone who needs a coat. I can't wear four at a time anyway.
Snow days are great but what about families who now need childcare during school hours because parents have to work? What do they do on a snow day?

Snow day.
A day away from what we expected. Make use of a day out.

God abides
Happy Birthday Mom!
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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