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Monday, November 20, 2006

hold it up to the light

My daughter called and suggested I listen to a song. We'd both listened to most of the CD it was on before but somehow this one hadn't caught either one of us. So I listened and it is really good.
This song is too complex to copy here but it has a message that is evocative. It is the kind of song with words that bring out thoughts in you.
One of our professors in Seminary said that the best sermon, or the best talk, or the best story, is one that evokes in the hearer thoughts or images or questions. Something to think about...not all the answers.
I attended a conference in the early 1990's and the speakers were wide ranging and very evocative. I didn't agree with everything that was said but all of the words did indeed bring out questions that linger. Good kinds of questions. I love that in a presentation or experience.
We learn to enjoy being challenged in bringing out in ourselves the new thought or the new wondering. I think when we stop wondering we lose something wonderful that life brings.
If we really had all the answers what would that be like? If we knew everything that was going to happen, if we knew that we were going to experience what would that be like? I think we would just be sliding through our days.
As it is we seem to have too few.
Hold it up to the light. Hold our questions up to the light of God's love... and see what you can figure out.
Oh ok, here are a few of the words.
David Wilcox.
Now as soon as I'm moving - my choice is good
This way comes through right where I prayed that it would
If I keep my eyes open and look where I should
Somehow all of the signs are in sight
If I hold it up to the light
So as those questions come and we want-- some answers perhaps it is a song that can give us some assurances.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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