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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sunday morning
We have been finally blessed with rain. You can hear it on the roof right now. It sounds good. Saturday was a rainy day. I don't know the totals but it sounded good and made for a good day. I am just praying that it got to the farmers who needed it so badly and that the weather pattern has changed more to normal.
But what is normal? I am not just thinking of the weather. I am thinking of what we have set by some short term memories of what is 'normal' for individuals, for families, for how people treat one another, for...
We all have norms' we work by. We have ways of caring for each other, loving one another, talking to one another, and being in the world together. For faithful people it is even more important that we set aside anything that urges us to harm, or gossip, or speaking of others, and we instead be an example in a world that has somehow left behind some of these ways of treating one another.
WE have the opportunity in the world to shine like the sun/Son and to reflect that light-of-love into the places where there is chaos. We have the opportunity and responsibility to do so with incredible love, forgiveness, hope and peacefulness about our hearts and our countenances. We have the opportunity to be who God created us to be.
So, what stops us? Desire for power. Judging others. ......_________

I'm not saying, and let's be clear, that we are righteous in any of this. In fact if we think we are--righteous-- then we probably are not....
But let us work to be kinder. Jewel sings..."In the end only kindness matters." And Jesus said, "let us love one another as I have loved you."
Let's instead be the ones in this world wherever we live who b r e a t h e
Inhale --Lord Jesus Christ
Exhale -- Have Mercy on me.

God abides and I thank God.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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