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Sunday, March 05, 2006

cup of a moon

Did you see outside the moon. It is already in the western sky. It has gone beyond the rising in the east and by this time is already over there---chasing the sun. And some time it will catch up. But until then the earth is casting a shadow... and we don't get all the moon shine.

The brown earth here cries for rain. There is none to be seen. We have fires that come and spread so fast and water doesn't quench the earthy thirsty-ness of this part of the world. We've been dry here before, the dust bowl it became--hold on to the soil and hope for plantings to come.

March and its 80 degrees. Warm beyond the season. Hoping for the shift of the big currents that swirl over the earth. Some places have too much rain... Distribution problem?

Dances can be done, prayers can be raised. Hope looking to the skies. We are not the only place dry. We have water that runs in the pipes and down the street when people water their grass too much. Water to spare? We act like it and the water runs through the drains for no particular reason.

Hope abounds. Will it come. Sometime yes. But just now the cup of a moon lights up the brown grass like beach sand.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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