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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Coffee Before Dawn

Before the dawn ...
Ah the wind has started blowing outside and our daughter's dog Chili Pepper really doesn't like that wind.
Somehow she is squeezing under the bed. We know her eyes are not good but apparently her joints are just fine.

So awake now-- I decided to get a cup of coffee and sit for a few minutes and wait for the dawn. I hear a few birds, welcoming the dawn but it is mainly the wind. Chili has her nose to the open window and is sniffing the wind and then again getting under the bed.

There are some people who hide like that too, don't you know, who hide from the truth. People who hide from themselves. Who spin the words of others - for their own purpose and often someone gets hurt. . Then-- if caught --they pretend they were 'with you' all the time. Uh oh... you know someone like that do you? Sigh, it makes me sad. How can one live that way and still claim to be faithful? It is beyond me.

The dawn comes only in the creators' hands and at the creator's bidding not mine nor yours.
Babies are born and welcomed into the world.
People learn and become who they were created to be.
And life goes on.

What do we say when someone is afraid of the wind? Jakob Krusi, at 102 years asked us "where does the wind come from and where does it go'. Then he would smile. Knowing he knew he was in God's hands.

Hear the dove now calling the gentle " a-ha COO COO COO." Hear now the cardinal in the background and somewhere now and then a robin? Peace is yours for the taking. b r e a t h e ..
It must be the full moon. Minerva the cat is crying now and running full tilt around the den.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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