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Friday, March 10, 2006


According to an article I read some time ago people can outlive many predictions of their 'time' when they are waiting on someone. A friend's mother waited until her son arrived, (though we hadn't told her he was coming), and came out of semi-unconsciousness to say hello to him as he walked in the door and so good to see you! The friend and I walked into the hall and cried together. I went back in for only a few minutes and left the sister and brother to be with her as she finished her 'end of life labor' and died. It was an amazing experience. It was a few days later when we explained to the brother how truly amazing it was that she had stayed for him.

We wait for those things we know are coming and for those things we hope will come. Surprises are fun to be sure but the anticipation of someone visiting that we love is often almost as much fun as their actual arrival. It is all so much fun to prepare and get ready.

My cousins and I used to wait for the other to come and watch by the window the whole day though they weren't expected until afternoon, just in case they came we wanted to be ready to greet them. It was always such fun to be with them with multiple episodes of girl-giggling after bedtime until they threatened to --separate us! oh oh no! We would usually settle down or hunker down under the covers and press our faces into the pillows so as not to be discovered when the giggles came again. I have absolutely no memory of what we giggled about...what we talked about... what we shared that seemed so very precious to us that we could not absolutely at all wait until morning. They are however some of my most favorite tender moments...Golden.

We wait for rain. We wait for sun. As one writer said in Oklahoma here we have the following season, Tornado season, Summer season, still-summer season, and winter. This year we've only had that still summer even over the 'winter time' and now we wait for rain that is long long past due. A watched pond never fills? I don't know but have the feeling that the ducks that are flying through are doing as much walking on the bottom of the ponds as swimming. Waiting.

We wait and we busy our selves during that time. We wait for promises to be fulfilled, to find out test results, to hear from family far away, to hear about peace coming to the world, ....for..

Let's be about the good news of sharing the love we've all been given and then perhaps that other person won't have to wait another minute to find out they are loved. Now that would be something we could all do.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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