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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Icy weather

Grace and peace,
We wanted precipitation, I suppose one should say be careful what you pray for... We've gotten some on Friday/Saturday and now some Saturday night/Sunday. I can hear it outside, the sleety rain that is falling.
We are lucky because we still have some remnant clothing, coats, boots, from our time in Utah. We are probably better prepared than others because of that. We know there are those for whom this weather is brutal.
We can't complain, whine a little, perhaps, but not really complain.

What we have is a failure to understand that we are so richly blessed. All of us, with friends, family, warm homes, homes of any kind, cars, clothes, and hopes and dreams.
We do have a plenty of hopes and dreams. That we will be the One. The one who wins the gold, or the lottery, or...
What do we need? Why would we need to win anyway? We already have it all.

Once John and I sat in a restaurant and as we waited figured out how we would spend 10 million dollars. It was all a joke. We were having this discussion about who gets what and how much when the waitress walked by and brought our bread and coffee. We were keeping track of the money writing on a napkin. She looked down at it, not being nosy but just looking. I laughed and said, Oh we are figuring out what we would do with the lottery money, would a hundred thousand do for you? She laughed, I asked her name and wrote it on the napkin too. We had a pleasant meal. I told her I suppose we'd have to buy a ticket for any chance to win, we all laughed.

In what world do you feel you are the One... The one out of millions who is chosen? The One who has what it takes to be selected out? What is it about each of us that believes it has to happen to someone, why not me?

Well it has happened. You are faithful enough to know that you have all you'll ever need and even more...When you will the will of the One who created you.
That One knows you through and through and loves you still.

God abides... See there too you've won
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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