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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Coyote Moon

When John came home last night he called me outside to see the moon. One of those moons that rises huge- just right there on the horizon. We watched it rise and get a little smaller but still quite so beautiful. ( By now, if you've read this blog often, you know that I love the moon and its cycle. )
As we stood out there in the cool perfect night we heard, in the not to distant area , coyotes calling to the moon. More than one singing not too far away. Howling, welcoming the moon. It was a lovely sound.
Now I know that coyotes, wild as they are, get into trouble and cause some people to try and get them but then I thought they were here first right? We didn't bring them in. They are not wild dogs. They were here and live here and no doubt in many places have their role in the chain of the ecosystem. It is we humans who have come to where they are. And apparently we keep coming.
When we lived in Utah in one of the mountain side housing developments a couple of young children saw a mountain lion walking by where they were sitting in their yard. If I remember it was caught and taken back up into the wild. But this is in town-right in the middle of a lot of expensive houses- wild animals. We had deer in the area where we lived. I mean a herd of deer one with the most beautiful 'rack' that ran down the street. Silly me when we first moved there I wondered why they trimmed the bushes up to a certain height. Duh, that was a high as the deer could eat. Wild animals.
Coyotes greet the full moon full out. We are still here.
We may pretend that we should be here. We are only passing through... Maybe we should sing to the moon?

God abides
Bobbie giltz mcgarey


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