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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wrong Way

Grace and Peace. I saw a headline tonight that said. "Nine miles in the fast lane going the wrong way!" I didn't 'watch' the online video but found the concept amazing. What?
Those fast lanes are the kinds around the big cities that allow you to go in a middle lane, without people changing lanes between you and going at a steady pace. But how can one go so long the wrong way.
All right I confess I have gone the wrong way on a one way short bridge, yes it was in Downtown San Antonio, in a church van, but we were so obvious it was really ok. Well, it was lucky. But nine miles.
Perhaps however the driver was trapped going that way. What to do?
And imagine being a driver in the fast lane going the right way and seeing...What? a car coming toward you.
But think about it. That was the safest lane to be going the wrong way. No one would just happen in the lane. Those coming toward you were focused only on the road ahead and they could merge back with their flow of traffic. What can you think of would be an advantage of being in the fast lane?
What I really think is that I'd hope that someone would get my attention if I aimed off the wrong way---and turn me around. That before I went nine miles somehow someone would help me get back to the right way...That all would turn out ok.
We are responsible for loving one another and walking with others. Let's get to it... even when they seem to be going the wrong the fast lane.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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