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Friday, February 24, 2006

Morning Song

Grace and Peace
Perhaps I should have labeled this musing Good-morning Peace. As one news reporter would say on this day, Good Friday morning. It means something different if you are a Christian to say Good Friday. (Lent begins next week)

I was up early today. Don't know why. Think it might be some of the medicine I'm taking for a condition that relates to Luke 1:23a KJV only. Anyway I was reading an email account I forgot I had and checked on some of the stories I'd sent there. Something distracted me.

It wasn't a pop-up that we get on our computers it was the birds outside with their morning song, good morning song. It's not really light. They sing in the pre-dawn to wake the world. How pleasant and kind of them.

This was a cardnals song I heard and then a robin, (ahhhh Spring) and then some smaller bird I couldn't see, though I looked, chippering.

We wake all to often with clocks and get-to appointments and quickie snack breakfasts and a hug and kiss as we dash out the door.
But if we do so we are not going to be able to hear the good-morning song of the earth calling us. I believe calling us to consider what the day will be. How will we make it good? What might we want to accomplish that is for the good of the Kin-dom? What might we want to do for our own renewal and life giving hope? What might we do .. Or NOT Do... anything in particular.

Let the good morning song remind you that you are beloved...and be-loved. Let the good morning song remind you that we have no more control in many things in the world as we do on where the sun rises. Sigh. That should be, and I do mean should be, really good news on this good Morning. A Good Friday here and we know Sunday is coming --- (Compolo)

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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