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Friday, March 03, 2006

Almost Birthday

My husband John will be 58 on Sunday! Whee. Then he will be the same age as I am. Wow! I have always thought that cards should be sent to your parents on your birthday after all without them and all they did along your path you wouldn't be around to celebrate. Alas it may be come a whole new outlet of cards... For your mother on YOUR birthday.

What can we do in this world that doesn't become another source for merchandise? We sell holidays, all of them and some invented, and we sell moments in peoples lives, graduations and promotions and many more. I can understand that we need to have ways to mark important times. Seriously I do. I've studied about this. But what I wanted to say was that we need in our lives to mark some of the days. Like saying, "Today was a good day, the doctor said I'm fine." or "Today could have been better with you to celebrate." Oh ok, no smusshy stuff.

What can we do in this world that cannot be sold ? We can share joys and pain. We can share our accomplishments and when things just are great. We can give away a smile or a touch. We can give away an affirmation or let someone know you have thought about them in particular.

What if we could sell this...would it become a commodity? Kindness. Here have two measures of kindness to be used now or whenever.

One of my friends gave her friend a plastic little bottle. She sealed it and wrote a note with it and it said, "Whenever you need it most hold this a promise that I'll be there for you. " it was kept for years.

Friends you have more power than you know to bring peace in the world... give it away...more will come..give it away...more will come...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Tom Paxton sang
" But if somehow you could pack up your sorrows and give them all to me. You would lose them. I know how to use them. give them all to me."


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