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Friday, February 17, 2006

Jump start

One of our car's battery ran down so I went out to jump it with cables. It worked when I replaced the first set of cables with the 'other' ones and then I drove the car around a little to hopefully charge the battery that had run out.
We need our batteries charged every once and a while I believe. We need to find ways to spark that inner energy that resides in us. Sometimes that is being with friends or sometimes it is writing a letter sometimes it is calling someone you trust. There are all kinds of ways.
Some people charge their batteries by being with people. Other people do so by going off alone. We learn to find that kind of place in that brings us energy. We need to do that.
For people of faith 'desert' moments were ones where they go to the quiet or to the woodland where they feel that they are enclosed in nature. Some people of faith use music or images that renew them. What works for you?

When we lived in Utah, and I've said this before, after a snow in the middle of the night my daughter and I would go out for a walk. It was quiet and beautiful and light. I miss those winter walks in the new snows.

In a world of words and sounds. Find quiet and perhaps it will jump start your battery. B r e a t h e

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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