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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Truck of Trees

As I was driving home from Oklahoma City this evening a large 18 wheel truck merged. From the side it appeared that it was hauling something that looked like a huge airplane wing. As I watched it come up on my right I looked over and it was u Truck carrying trees. About seven of them, with the burlap balls on the bottoms and slated back and covered so that they were protected. A truck of trees. Amazing really.

Once when I was young my mother came home and was upset because a tree hit her car. Somehow a tree that was on the back of a truck hit our car's antenna and scratched the roof. My dad had a dilemma then. He had been ready to put in an insurance report because we had been hit by a large pheasant that flew up and hit our antenna and scratched the roof. He said he had to consider which of the two the insurance company would believe. They were both true...
Bird----Tree? Tree---Bird?

it is when we are no longer afraid of the unusual that we find life more amusing and bemusing and enjoyable. Because there are plenty of unusual things that happen. There are plenty of beautiful things that we just plain miss because we are watching for the typical.
Be yourself unusual...that is someone who brings to the world joy and amusement.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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