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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Grace and peace
We were moving furniture tonight, (it was John's Idea) and I moved a mirror off the wall so we didn't bump it with the desk as we moved it down the hall. (should I tell you that getting it out of the room was like one of those puzzles you manipulate it was really funny and then he figured it out. After we had laughed some about being trapped in the room)
Anyway, I ramble, when I put the mirror back on the wall I started to think about where that mirror had been. It was one my grandmother had, my mom, and now us. It is not that special, went over a bureau but I thought of all the people who had seen their reflection there. Many, countless really, and I wondered if it would reflect longer what people wanted to see.
In Snow White, Disney, there is a mirror that tells who is the fairest. It can't lie.
When we see ourselves in the mirror, whenever we do, what do we see? Do we see someone loved or are we critical of ourselves? We are you know all loved, and whether woman or man, beautiful in the eyes of God.
So, when you look in the mirror next time welcome the one who is loved, always.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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