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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Clear Moonlight

We are past the full moon for this month but last night that ole moon, kinda yellow in the evening sky rose up as I was driving home. It surprised me over my left shoulder, got there without me seeing it rise. I think it was the winding road and the small hills that hid it until was already up. Of course the moon doesn't wait for my Ok to rise. Ha ha ha

I had ready noted the nearness of the stars and was enjoying them. That's why I probably noticed the moon because the stars became a little more distant. The moon's bright light made it tricky to look beyond it. Ah the moon. I prayed for all the people on whom the moonlight would shine. I thought of family and friends around the world who saw the moon too. So not only are we people in the world related since our feet on the same earth, we see the same sky. We share the sun and the moon and all of this creation.
All too often it seems we apply one one of my college roommates sayings, "what's mine is mine and what yours is mine". We live our lives claiming everything when really this earth and all it is belongs to none of us, AND all of us at the very very very same time.

What can we do to recognize that? How can we stop drawing lines between 'mine' and 'yours'? How do we live our lives as people who breathe peace? Just get to it. There is work to be done. "God created the heaven and the earth" we just take care if it.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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