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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Post Christmas

Grace Friends,

We have a great deal of things that we do before Christmas. We have lists and decorating and we have all the things to do and to accomplish and then we enjoy the holidays and then...
( Oh yes, I did see Valentines in the Grocery store today.)
But there isn't anything we do like we do for Christmas.
We have certain things we do around Easter as faithful folks, still different than Christmas.
What do you think that we should do? How should we work together to make each day the kind of joyful time that Christmas can be? --all the things that we do before Christmas? We do all we can in every way we can.

Let's work on it friends. Let's work on being the kind of people all year that we are at Christmas. I don't me worn out, or harried, or overprogrammed. I mean waiting and kind and hopeful, expecting the best from ourselves and everyone else.
We can do it.. Think of it as planning ahead while we live in the present day.

God abides
Thanks Be to God
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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