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Monday, January 16, 2006


Compassion can only come from wisdom, it doesn't come from a sentimental idea, like I should be compassionate. Compassion comes naturally when you know the nature of the world - knowing that you and the other person are one people, one being."
- Robert Thurman Ph.D

"The happiest people that I know are the ones who are in service to others. There is nothing that can make you happier - nothing - no piece of art, no accomplishment, no trick, no candy bar, no ice cream cone - nothing can make you as happy and as fulfilled, as when you are doing for others. And all the neurosis that we have accumulated disappear in a heart beat, the moment you are genuinely engaged in helping other people."
- Dr. Larry Brilliant

I read these two quotes from the Link TV website and a series called "Lunch with Bokara" I liked the way these two individuals stated what the world is about.

Robert Thurman reminds us of how we are linked to one another and Larry Brilliant reminds us what brings true happiness and fulfillment. It is a quote that reminds us that there is 'work to be done" as I say often. We have things to do in the world on behalf of the 'other'. No matter where we are or what we think we are to do. We learn as time passes that whatever we think--it's really not about us. Not about Me. Wow that is freeing. It is freeing to recognize it is about the other.
Compassion is that which turns us in the gut, which comes from the deepest part of ourselves from our truest self.
We don't have to seek it, perhaps we have to learn it, but truly we have to apply it.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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