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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Super Man and Wonder Woman

Grace and Peace
As we approach Sunday in the USA two images came to mind. Super Man and Wonder Woman characters from the cartoons, at least they are from that genre.
Do we ask of one another that the other be either Super or Wonderful. Do we expect that others will be extra-ordinary? or extraordinary? Do we expect that someone else will do what we ourselves can't do?

Our faith calls out of each of us the 'one' that we were created to be. We were made to use the gifts and talents we are given. We are called to pray for others and help others who need it most. We are called to be the ones who live our lives out of gratefulness for all we've been given and...
first of all
to love one another
to care for and respect each other...
to depend on each other...
and to live our lives in the sure and certain knowledge that what we do is returned to us in fullest measure.
We are to call out of each other the best we can be in every way. Do that this day, and this week, as we move through the new year. Call out of someone you disagree with the best reason they can hold. Call out of someone who seeks harm the good they can do in the world. Call out the truth where there are lies and where there are secrets. Let the will of the One who put us here be done every day through us.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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