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Monday, January 09, 2006


We have a little bird named ChickieLollyPop. She was one of John's cousins birds. Chickie is a Cockatell. She is really sweet. She loves people and when you come in the house she calls you. When you walk down the hall she calls to you. She is just very sweet.
This evening we've let her fly around while we watch tv. She sits on your shoulder, your head, your arm and she will enjoy what you are doing. She sometimes would sit on John's glasses even while he types sometimes.
These birds have been domesticated for some time. They really don't know how to be 'wild birds' anymore. She will call to the wild birds outside when they are at their feeder. She is a sweet little pet.
Our cat, Minerva knows exactly where Chickie's house is and when she gets in the room where Chickie is she goes right for it, sits there , looks in , while Chickie makes her fluttering of panic. Remember the cartoon ..."I thought I saw a putty cat! I did, I did!" I'm clear this is what Chickie tells us.
I am amazed that she can even know when the cat is coming toward her when her cage is covered. She knows! And starts fluttering. We hear her... And respond by getting Minerva away.

There are things that spook us even when we are safe. We think we hear 'danger' coming and what happens is that we don't see it really, what we experience is the fear of danger. The wonderment of "What -IF?!" And we move into panic and we make decisions not for our good or the good of others.
We ought to fear some things--- or at least respect them. And we ought not put ourselves in danger-way. But we ought to also trust that when we are taking the path that has been given us we will be ok.

Chickie just flew back into the room. I'm going to play with her a little. You have a good day. Be warm and happy!
God abides
And that is good news.
Bobbie Gitlz McGarey


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