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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sun shine

Grace and Peace
As I was driving this morning I was enjoying the sky. First it looked like we might get the badly needed rain, alas we didn't. Second, the sun would break through the clouds in certain places and you could see clearly points at a distance where the sun, like a theater spotlight, was illuminating the ground. It was so beautiful...and changing...and amazing to watch. Then suddenly I was driving in one of those sunny spots. It made the darker clouds appear even darker.
I thank my Daddy for making me and observer of life and the world around me. We would go out every Saturday morning together and walk around a favorite pond and look at things and observe all we could.
Once I met someone who was from the northern part of England where they would go for a long time without the sun...I would so miss it. Even in Ohio we would have a series of grey days in the winter. Utah wasn't like that often even when it snowed we would have sunshine. y
Another time I remember flying out of Columbus or Chicago on a really grey rainy day and before long we were above the clouds and it was beautiful. There is always that sunshine...we just sometimes have to get there. Or rest assured that it will return.
Breathe have patience be ready and know that the sunny days will come and the sun will shine and your heart will be light... Or if you have some 'sunshine' to spare give it to someone who is having a 'cloudy cloudy' day.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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