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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Grace and Peace,

Hello all. I remember hearing years ago that when computers came out businesses were worried that they would replace paper.
Alas as the years have gone on it is obvious that actually we use more paper than before Computers. I don't have statistics to prove that but I know we use a lot in my house.
What is it that makes us want to have a hard copy? Is it just those of us who were born BC (before computers) as my uncle says. We want something to hold, that we can touch.
I read a book online the other day, a whole book, it is in the public domain so the whole book is online. No I don't have a copy of it in paper but I know where I can find it online. In fact it was quite satisfying.
Many records, banks, doctors, hospitals, insurance, etc all is done in most places without paper. Some meetings are done with everyone plugged in with their computers. Classrooms are like that too. All the students have their own computers and the 'blackboard', is really a computer that moves the notes written to individuals' computers in the class. Things change.
But it seems paper persists.
What stays the same?

Many things change but some things--- we can't see--- have always been part of what the world...
thanks be to God

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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