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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Honor bright.
I don't know exactly where this saying came from and I doubt it is from literature but to me it always meant that one's honor was true. Honor bright? I remember tht term either from a Girl scout pledge or from the Shirley Temple Movie Captain January. Is your honor bright can you rest through the night?
That someone was being perfectly transparent about what they were doing and what they were dealing with at the time. We all know when someone is not being truthful with us. We feel it in our gut and wait for them to come and tell us what is real and the waiting or confronting is almost as painful as the telling of it.
That your honor was true and intact was an essential part of one's life.
What is honor? For my parents it meant that you lived your life as fully and as completely as you could and as you would and as you should. That you were trustworthy. I think that one of the things I always wanted to do was to keep their trust. To keep their honor. Ok, so there were times when I did things that were not keeping their trust. Learning and growing I know caused some choices that weren't perfect. But, I did learn.
I remember one time I borrowed my Dad's car and drove to see a friend who lived a couple of hours away. I had permission to use the car but that trip was not in the 'plan'. I remember thinking I'd gotten away with it. Then about two weeks latter my dad in passing asked me how my friend was that I'd seen ... I said fine. He said he just thought it would be best if he knew where I was going and to be careful. He put his hand on my arm with a gentleness I have not forgotten. The next time I thought of going I asked if I could use the car to make that trip. He said yes.
We sometimes think it seems that honor has to do with doing whatever it takes to achieve a particular outcome that we think is just. But is that honor? The words in a marriage vow is to love and honor. Do we honor the world by seeing what we can do to 'get-by' or to 'sneak-by'? Without honor.
Lies seem to make the news. Where is honor in that?

Maybe that is what we should ask people on trial? We will have to account for our days. Is honor bright?
Perhaps it is time in the world to ask this of all people in power... honor bright?

Maybe it is honor that makes great literature or movies and without it they fall short of fully bringing satisfaction.
Look for it... In your world

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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