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Monday, November 14, 2005

A herd of tumbleweed

Grace and peacee,
Ok, I know I know we live in Oklahoma where the wind comes always blowing over everything all the time...but Sunday morning was a particularly blustery day. At one point along the road about six or seven tumbleweeds all about the size of a big basketball went across the road one after another. Seriously they were far enough away that at first I was trying to identify some kind of rolly polly animal doing that... Then I laughed. About the time I laughed I looked over in the field to see 6 wild turkeys walking along...I slowed a little and they took off...flying as oddly as only turkeys can. Then on to church. Hawks aplenty and I think one bobcat... my goodness.
The day was long and good and I slept well even though my favorite TV show wasn't on Sunday Night..
Deep Sigh.
Monday came...
I got all kinds of good news in the past few days. Two nephews and their wives are expecting babies next year! My John got good test report and some friends are working out some situations between them... well it is just a pretty day.
I had a good long dream that I am still trying to figure out. And when I went to get something out of the car this morning it smelled like India. That is all a good thing.
There are times when we get good news. Yet, it seems we tend to pass over these times and dwell on the times when the phone rang with bad news. We should surely be as thankful as we are when we get other news. Holding good feelings as much as we do the others.
Deep sigh.
God abide
hang on --like a hawk on a wire in the wind!
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Rev. Dr. Bobbie g. McGarey


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