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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Is it just me or do children age more than we do? Ok, here is where that is coming from. There was someone I knew in another place where we lived and they were little girls. I read about the family and lo and even behold the daughters are 18 and 13... How can this be?
Somehow I don't feel like I've aged enough for them to be that old! I know I have. I know where I am on the chart of age. I know that my age is very old in many of the third world countries and in some I am way beyond the average length of a woman's life. Sigh.
Do we, any of us, consider where we are in our life journey and what we want to accomplish before.....
What do we want to do with our daily lives. Given that is what we are given. Our daily life, our daily bread. Enough for the day. Not to be either wasted or hoarded but used for the good of the kin-dom.
How do we use each day we are given to the fullest? By blessing someone who brings us joy. By living our lives in the fullest measures of God's peace by being the ones who are known and loved by God. And living our every day into that.
Simple really. Because God gives us so much opportunity to practice that kingdom-come kind of living through God's will be done... it all goes together.
And yet, apparently more difficult than one may think. Because ...well it doesn't look like we really do that on the scale that we could.
Or some wouldn't cold and hungry tonight when we have extra coats and blankets in our closets and food crowding our refrigerators. --and us on the way to the grocery store for more...
Is our perspective something we need to work on not just acuity. That is do we not only need to see clearly but to see with the 'big' picture of our life and the world's needs put together. And if we did that would we not become more than we ever expected? And the world a place more than we ever expected.
Grace and peace be yours this day
God abide


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