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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Grace and Peace ..

It is no suprise to those who know me that I really enjoy shopping. I don't often buy--but I enjoy looking around at items in the stores. It is inherited. My Grandmother Theo, my Mother Betty, all enjoyed such ventures. When I was in elementary school my mother would some days ask me if I had my homework done, or if I had tests and if I said no we would take the bus in Columbus to Lazarus Department Store downtown. Later in life I came to call such days Mental Health Days. We would have lunch and it was a full day. Sometimes we would make particular purchases and other days we would just shop.
I could describe that store to you now though I'm certain it is not at all in that condition. That was in the last Century after all.
I loved riding the bus making the transfer and all we did on those days it taught me independence and confidence. Mainly it was about time with my mother. It was about learning to look for quality items--on sale. It was about being together. I treasure those memories. Sigh.

I have to confess one of my favorite memories of last year was when my daughters Betsy (by birth) and Molly by marriage to Johnny and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving in the city..Oklahoma City at the mall. It was amazing. There was the usual crowd, and the Christmas Carols (which have already started) and we had the best time the three of us. And we were good at it too. Enjoyed looking together and it was a treat.
No not some official ritual but what fun to be together and share tradition.

There are things we do together that are fun and good for us. Being with people we love is what it is about. Getting to know people better is even more important.

Find a way to make some time with someone you love. Or write them a letter telling them of your love.
Let your heart reach out to someone new.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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