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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sun/Son Flowers

Along the road today there was a patch of black-eyed-susans--little sunflowers. I think perhaps they could be called sun-followers as they do turn during the day to get the most light on their 'faces'. This patch had a center group but along the edge I passed were about 10 flowers that were stretched out as if they were trying to reach-over-there-to-get-just-a-little-more.....

It reminded me of folks where there is a parade coming. How people lean out to get a closer view to get a quicker view to be included as soon as possible. It is as if they don't look right now then they won't ever get to see.

But the sun flowers follow the sun. They don't 'know' that they do this it is part of the chemical makeup of these plants. One side grows and responds to the sun faster than the other and when the sun hits the other side that side grows and they appear to turn. But they are just growing. Wow that's amazing isn't it?

And we who can choose which way to turn often do not follow the Son that leads us and gives us growth and hope and light and energy. We would rather choose when we get that assurance than to be open to it's coming all the time. We would rather wait until we REALLY needed it to grasp it. We would rather keep that Son in reserve, on retainer, for when things get bad enough we no longer think we are in charge.

What what? you say we aren't really in charge! Oh mercy me! We make choices to be sure but we find when we do allow the Son to guide us day by day that life is sweeter. It may not be easier, we won't avoid the troubles of the world, but we will not face them alone-ever.

Good morning Son shine the earth says hello...
And so do we.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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