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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have been reading up on some of the musings of others and somewhere along the way read the line...from a minister
"It's not about me...It's about God.
Repeat it five times.

When we live in a world that is often about me, mine, and more mine, too often we forget about what is really important and we let our lives spin around our own words and worries and not see what we do and who we are as part of a larger whole.

And it is that way you see we are pieces of the present time each of us with gifts and skills to share and ready to carry another's burdens and to have someone else take ours when we are overwhelmed. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. That old saying, "no one is an island" still applies. When we come to understand ourselves as part of a larger system of action and activity then it is easier to be peaceful in a moments fretting.

I have started prayers...Dear God, in the great scheme of things, --filled in a concern-- and then said but to me this is important right now --

I am reminded of the woman who came to the first lookout at the Grand Canyon and looked out over the chasm and said, "Ok what's next?" The rest of us stood there, not even the most magnificent view to be had in true Awe. Wonder at the amazing creation and God the creator and we as human beings here for so short a while and the vastness of God's time and and and

Let's keep ourselves looking out--going in for prayer--and then going out into the world.
That's what Jesus said. Go, therefore and make disciples
not...Stay here let them come to you and see what happens as you wait.

"Mission means the proclamation and manifestation of Jesus' all-embracing reign, which is not yet recognized and acknowledged by all but is nevertheless already a reality." Transforming Mission --by David Bosch

God abides and I thank God

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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