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Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a good flight -- 2 flights from OKC to Bethlehem--PA.

I had some reading along with me "Transforming Mission-Paradigm shifts in theology of mission" and read this passage which gave me things to think about...
Mission remains an indespensible dimension of the Chrisstian faith and that, at its most profound level, its purpose is to transform reality around it. Mission is that dimension of our faith that refuses to accept reality as it is and aims at changing it." " The church's involvement in mission remains an act of faith without earthly guarantees." That was sufficient to think about on the flight.

The first leg my very chatty seat mate who happened to sit next to me as we waited and who talked and talked and talked. He was pleasant enough but well I know so much about him. (I know way too much about his family and his family of origin and his kids and...) He was bumped up to first class. He was also pilot and it was a courtesy. And the good part of that was I got two seats! I moved over to the window and looked out at the farmlands of OK or KS or Missouri and fell asleep before we crossed the Mississippi But I woke about 15 minutes from Detroit and looked out on one of the most beautiful cloud formations as the sun was glancing over the top of them. It looked like the rolling ocean or fields of snow. I wanted my camera which alas was 5 rows behind me in the overhead. But it's etched in my memory. Oh it was amazing and so very very peaceful. I made the 20 minute between flights in due course and even had time to grab a sandwich and a very expensive Iced tea. And to my absolute delight the tea was brewed and delicious.

I had a nice woman beside me on the second part of the flight. We didn't talk much in the 59 minute flight. It was a moonlit night and the PA cities nestled in their valleys were pretty.

I could see my husband and daughter waiting at the end of the security area. Yeah!

It seems we are all to ready to panic about things when really most of the time everything works out great. I hope your day does too.

May your daily mission be fulfilled.

God abides
bobbie Giltz McGarey


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