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Friday, August 22, 2008


In a time where things are often so programmed it was a joy to spend yesterday afternoon just drifting down the river in an innertube. The Delaware river where we were was clear and just cool, not so cold you were chilled but cool enough that the warmth of the day could be enjoyed.
The most fun part was being with our daughter. She's so wonderful and it's almost her birthday.
She has put up with us well and we are not easy sometimes. The river was a reminder too of how John and I would spend time together in AZ floating down the Verde outside Phoenix..well actually phoenix has grown right out to where we used to go tubing.
What can we do in days that are busy to enjoy one another.
I know we often amused ourselves as a family with simple things. Riding Bikes, playing cards, watching movies, laughing through it all.
We are richly blessed. We know that..
Happy almost your birthday dearheart.
God abiddes
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
aka Mom

How do we live lives and allow ourselves to drift now and then so to gain perspective? Sigh


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