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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

36th Anniversary

John and I celebrated our 36th anniversary today we had a delightful day with our daughter having the afternoon off. We spent the time together and had such fun.
We both feel very blessed to be together, to be healthy and to still enjoy so completely one another's company. We were so young. We have worked on this.
At our wedding before we walked down the aisle after the pronouncement we had a part that we read together...about our thanking those who had brought us thus far and thanking God for God's love for us and promised to serve God by serving others. We didn't have any degrees beyond college at that point and hadn't really figured out what was 'next' for us.
We moved into the little house that was the guest house behind John's folks home. It was a great little home and we loved our time there. We were finishing some graduate work but hadn't decided where that would take us.
Since then we've lived in Nashville, Morganfield Ky, Bryan Tx, Logan, Utah and Duncan Oklahoma. We've traveled to India several times, to Bali, Java, Hong Kong on the way to India, Singapore on the way to India, Austria on the way to India, Germany, France on the way to India... We've made multiple trips across the country. Loved family and lost too many and treasure all the rest.
We are so blessed because that is just the beginning.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Still reading the book on mission in the Christian church it is powerful and evocative. look for more reflections on it soon.


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