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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uproar People

I wrote this in 2004 seems it still applies now and then...what do you think?

Uproar People
In the movie Hanging Up one character describes another as an Uproar Person... someone who wants all the attention and the world isn't good unless they are the center of attention and that happens by keeping everything else around them and everyone else around them in an uproar. What a way to live!

What would be the opposite of that? Perhaps a Jesus-like-person = JLP. Someone who brings order in chaos, healing to dis-ease, wholeness to brokenness, joy to discouraged, peace to the lost, and mercy to all.

But then, I hear you ask, what do we do about/for the uproar people? They are still stirring the water, splashing their uproarness on everyone around. What about them?

Jesus said, pray for your enemies, those who persecute you, and move on. You don't have to fix them. Your prayer raised to God will bring to them the healing that they need. You yourself even in the midst of their roaring can be the calm. (Trust me when I say that when you do this at first an uproar persons roaring will get louder because they don't think you've heard them...) But you have raised their need to God. You have set it out of your hand to fix. And you respond, as best you can as the JLP you were created to be.

That is not to say you don't work for justice, speak for those who have no voice, or ignore the hurtfulness of others actions in the world. It is to say that you release it all to God's good grace and trust.

deep breath now...
Peace peace peace
hope hope hope
joy joy joy
love love love
See, that's better already.
God abides

Bobbie McGarey


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