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Sunday, August 24, 2008

NYC etc

3,500,000 population in the Whole state of Oklahoma
8,270,000 population in New York City

We had a good day in New york city, John's step counter said that we walked over 5 miles. I'm not surprised. My feet today told me so is morning and mushy flip flops felt good for the walking we did today.
We took a bus to NYC then subway to the Trade Center area walked on the promenade toward the Statue of Liberty across the river, chose not to stand in LONG line for a crowded like sardines ride over to the statue itself. Then walked to a place where they have 'bargains' and then took the subway to Times Square, walked to where we stood in line to get tickets for a play. Got tickets to Spamalot - Monty Python walked around times square and found a little pastry pizza deli shop and had a great hot sandwich and coke then walked and walked around some more then sat in one place on a tube/seat and the tried to see if this man who passed by was really someone I knew, nope, then walked around some more and found a place where they had great cokes and then the theater opened and we went in. We had great seats, laughed guffawed, and laughed. What a funny play and the music and talent of the actors was amazing. The theater was small and you could see the faces of the actors so well. Eric Idle the writer and the song writer is a genius. Anyway it was great fun. at 10:30 when it was over we walked to the bus station and got on the 11:30 bus for home. We got back to Bethlehem at 1:30, drove thru Dunkin'Donuts and got breakfast sandwiches and ate them when we got home just before we slept ... laughing again at some of the favorite parts of the Show.
Today, Sunday rather calm. The church across the street has a contemporary service at 9:00 and traditional at 11.
We got John's phone fixed at the Apple store... and are home not assembling a bookcase.
home tomorrow.
God is good and we have enjoyed our time here. So very much.....
Happy almost birthday Martha Elizabeth...
God abide
Bobbie G. McGarey


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