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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Morning. I was sleeping well dreaming it seems when I heard a huge crash. I went to investigate since we are staying with our daughter I really didn't know what to expect. I went on to her sun porch to see her cat, Minerva sitting there looking at me. He (the story of naming is too long for now) looked at if to say " Hello..Well since you are awake could I trouble you for food and water?" I laughed a little as he followed me from bowl to sink to food back to his eating spot. mmm good..apparently

I was reading tonight as I was getting ready for bed about the Kingdom of God and how Jesus' life not only for told of it but said it was here and now. A car flew by on the street in front of her house. I thought I must have exaggerated the speed as it seemed to be doing 80 on a city street. Apparently not as four police cars came not long behind it with lights and sirens on. Two and then two more..... someone had done something bad and was trying to get away. All of them flew thru the light and up the hill and I could hear their sirens for a while... Who knows...But some one's day isn't going well.

There are times it seems when things and concerns chase us no matter how fast we try and run away. Have you found this true? And when we finally figure out to face them and deal with them brings us the greatest peace we do and resolution most often follows.

I don't know the problem that the first car was attempting to escape. I do know there was to be a reckoning soon. God bless them all that they may find peace.

God abides even in the racing ..
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
currently in Bethlehem.... Pa


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