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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whither the Cross

Have you heard of the crosses of the Prairie? They are the ones that were made from wrought iron and mainly by the German settlers in the prairie in the Dakotas and West. They were made because wood was scarce and precious. This was the remnant of the horse shoe materials and the artists who put them together. Apparently each artist had their own way of doing the bending, or the filigree, or the surrounding metal around the heart of the cross.
A few days ago in Oklahoma City, in a large Dept. Store, (Dillards) I was on the second floor looking at the sale items they had around. There was a huge Celtic cross, or it claimed to be. It must have been almost 4' tall with elaborate decorations. There was and is an irony in that. What would Jesus have us pay for the cross that would bear his name and body? There are many mysteries written about THE cross... but would Jesus not give the money to the poor?
I think of this when I hear how much a minute's advertisement will be on the US's SuperBowl. Thousands, more and more each year for the minute or 1/2 minute of commercial time, because so many people will be watching! But where are the advs for the churches saying welcome? Would that time would be donated.
So then, I wonder, (and wander) when was the last time we witnessed to the culture about God's love for all humankind? Or can we more readily tell you what we bet on the Final Four, or the Rose or whatever Bowl game you might be watching.

But then I suppose you should ask ... When is the time? I really want personally to be ready.

God swoops down and catches us up in the mighty hand and brings us peace. Peace that can't be bought at a yard sale or in a dept. Store? What is that about?
We take so little time, it seems, to be who God created us to be. What if we really did live what we claim to beleive and rest back in the healing of God's hand.
God abides --this I believe..

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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