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Friday, February 02, 2007

Need a Hug?

We had been at the Children's Home in Dhanari India for 4 days. It was not long enough and we all wanted to stay. The Children had their Christmas with us and we had a wonderful time with them. It was unlike any Christmas any of us had experienced before.

Our train left a nearby town early in the morning so we had to leave the home about 6:15 am. So knowing this the last evening we were with the kids we were enjoying every minute. They had already eaten but because of a late return of some of our group from a day trip our dinner was still waiting us. We left the gathering of the children but I said to the leader? When is it time for some hugs? He smiled his wry smile and said well now would be ok.
The children were looking all around and I went to the front and sat on the stage and said...Well, come on then...who wants a hug?
A teenage boy from the back came running up and it began. Eighty hugs and kisses. Eighty children embracing me. I was so lucky. Golly I got all those hugs and they got only one. Some were so tight and others so tentative. Some kissed both cheeks and others were crying. I kept smiling and hugging. One girl said can I have a second one. Oh yes. I said...and it began again.
These children are students in the Home and live there because at this time their parents cannot provide for them. The parents have leprosy and live in varied housing and places. In the Home the children are loved, and fed, and sheltered and taught, not only school subjects but life lessons. They live as a huge exteneded family caring for one another. There is a joy about their faces that is hard to find anywhere else. It is a joy at knowing at the heart of things they are loved by God. They know this because God provides people to support them financially thought the supporters are strangers. It doesn't matter. They are not really strangers they are united by a love for Jesus.
Hugs all around.
My goodness I've still got hugs to redeem. And to give....

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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