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Friday, January 12, 2007

Ice Quiet

I'm home this afternoon with the ice storm that has come to this part of the country. The windows of my car are getting coated and I'm not sure I'll be even able to open the doors once the glazing stops...whenever that is.
I took our Daughter's dog outside for a walk and she was more than eager to just turn around and come back inside.
But you could hear the ice falling in the trees...and the ice creeking as the tree limbs moved in the wind. And so now I wait to see if the ice gets thick enough to break the electric power lines. Sigh.
John bought me one of the flashlights that you don't need to use with batteries. You just have to crank it for a little to get a good deal of light. I imagine I'll get an opportunity to use it tonight.
If so I'll have to take to writing with a pen and paper as the computer and all other electric appliances will be out. We have a fire place in the den so we'll have heat where we need it. Our stove is gas powered too for any cooking we might want to do. We are safe and warm.
Ice quiet comes when all the noises of this world stop. We hear our heart beat, the sound of a voice of care, and we know that we are going to be ok.

Be quiet if you get a chance where ever you are. Listen for your heartbeat. Reminding you that you have life and breath... It is free for the listening.

God abide
I pray you are safe and warm
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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