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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lucky Duck

I don't know if you'd heard the story, it's been on a lot of news report. Let me summarize... a hunter shot a duck. They put the duck in the refrigerator. Two days later his wife opened the refrigerator and the duck, now called Perky, raised its head and looked at her. It was a surprise.. They took it to a wildlife shelter and they decided to operate on the duck. They put it asleep to operate but it's heart stopped. The Vet thumped it's heart and it started again. Later in the surgery it stopped breathing again. They gave it oxygen and tried to recesitate but the Doctor turned and said, I'm sorry she's gone. Everyone was crying.
One of the people looked at the duck lying there and realized it's eyes were open and it began to flap it's wings. IT"S ALIVE IT'S alive! And it was...and it is.
The surgery over, they have decided not to do more because it doesn't do well.
The shelter is going to sell t-shirts to make a little money to care for the bird's..long term care.

It's alive! This story is everywhere on the internet and on the BBC news and all around the world. I wonder why.

Because if anything it is a story about hope. It is a story about being down and out and then UP again! It is a story that makes us wonder what in the world brings us such news when the 'other' news is much less hopeful.

That's one lucky duck.
and for some it may well think it is that there is indeed hope!

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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