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Friday, January 05, 2007

Easy silence that you make for me

The Dixie Chicks, a singing group in the US have a wonderful song on their newest album called Easy Silence. It is a prayer in it's best meaning. The song speaks of peaceful quiet that someone keeps the 'world' at bay for me.
It is an adult lullaby or prayer. We seek in our lives some place, some way to turn from the chaos that spins around us, the troubles and trials, and it brings us to understand that we can find places of peacefulness. That deep breath and hope that comes when we feel centered and protected. It is obvious that many are finding this kind of retreat essential in their lives as folks pay big money for quiet, for a spa where they don't think but move from pampering to pampering. We don't have time or often funds to do spa-weekends but we can find ways to center and pamper our souls in such a way that we feel renewed.
These places of quiet contemplation can come just sitting on the porch of our home with a cup of tea or coffee watching the day. Putting away all shoulds or oughts and focusing on others. Walking in meditation is another way to do the same thing. It is not easy as we are often driven in walking to go farther-faster not attending to each step with an affirmation word or prayer we repeat with each step. Slowly slowly letting the body energy fill the prayer words to the best they can.
God makes and easy silence for us. let's be certain in this new year to recieve it.
Ah slowly pause breathe here it comes shhhhh listen...wait...
God abide
bobbie giltz mcGarey


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