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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Not Me?

I went to tacoBell, (confession) and got a little lunch and they gave me the receipt and said... and if you go to the website you might win $1000. And I thought...Why not me. After all it is my birthday and what a great way to finish 59 years? So far it's still in the car and it's really cold out.

So again allow me to tell you about one of my favorite birthday memories. I must have been 11 or 12 and in Ohio where we lived it was always cold. I had wanted ice skates and had probably begged for them. My birthday was on a Saturday that year and I knew my dad was busy with some project on Friday night. But he made me promise not to look out the back window. I held my promise. But when I woke he was there saying look out there and tell me what you see.

He had made me an ice rink. He used big sheets of plastic, some wood for the frame and the weather did the rest with the water. It was great...At my place at breakfast were my skates. They bought them bigger than I needed so I could grow into them.
What fun! My friends Susie, Jackie and Nancy came over and we took turns trying out the skates with the others watching and cheering and laughing from the kitchen window. How we all wore them was a mystery. We had such fun. The rink lasted for several weeks and it great fun.

Most of the time I'd go skating with friends on the lake at the OSU golf course. As I think about that now I still remember looking at the edge of the ice and seeing that it was 5 or 6 inches or more thick. Several folks would skate. One of the favorite places was under the willows because it was often smoother ice there. I recall after a few little thaws and some extra snow skating across it with it soooo bumpy.

When Ohio State started their Ice Hockey program I remember my cousins and I going to skate at the arena and we couldn't believe how smooth the ice was. It was so great and it was a whole different kind of sport.

As a college student I took PE classes almost every term. It was a way of keeping active physically. I took tennis and of course golf and ice skating. I took 3 or four terms of ice skating. It was such good exercise. I even had Oberheimer skates made to fit my feet. (My feet which have since college grown a few sizes..darn the luck).

In my dreams when I dream of skating it is alaways a good sign because it means that things are going well. It is a symbol perhaps unique to me but it's there on a repeating time.

When you think of your birthday do you think of it being the beginning or the end of a year? For me it's the beginning so I'm beginning my 60th year...even though I mark finishing 59. What is ahead this year? God knows.

God abide with you

Bobbie Bane Giltz McGarey
January 17, 1948 Columbus Ohio 7:10 pm



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